Play Nice

It irks me that I have to even title my blog, ‘Play Nice’. It bothers me that people do not naturally gravitate to a positive state of being in any given situation. It’s beyond me how someone will deliberately go out of their way to be nasty. I just do not understand why.

I have worked in and grown up in many different customer care/customer focused and tourism industries. I very often saw how a situation played out and only when one complains, threatens or raises their voice do they think they are getting their own way. People are so egocentric that they will verbally and sadly sometimes physically attack someone who is a server, a helper, a blue collar worker, someone who they believe is lower than them in some way to make their point and position known. I try my very hardest not to get ahead of myself when in a trying situation. Especially when I am a customer as I do not have immediate entitlement merely because I have laid down money. We are all human, we deserve respect and if I can be the person to thank the teller first and tell them to have a great day I will. Would you believe how shocked most people are when I do so.

It’s sad to see the surprise on someone’s face when I ask them how they are, wish them well and help them if they need an extra hand. Pay it forward, be the person you would want to be serving if the roles were reversed and that was your job.


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