Richly Blessed!

Somehow, even though it is only the seventh of the month I have already received sms’s and emails from my bank telling me I need to deposit some cash ASAP. It’s always disheartening being woken up at 5am to read that with sleepy eyes. This morning sitting at my desk I absentmindedly made sense of it all and my panic is now no more. I look back on December and I would not have changed one thing about that month. We celebrated monumentally, we lazed about, we laughed, we ate, we drank, we swapped wonderful presents, we saw family and friends many times. It was not a long holiday but it was without a doubt one of my favourite breaks yet.

Thankfully and luckily I had already had all of my accounts up to date prior to spending the last dimes in my purse so now I sit back and contemplate all the good and positive around me. I have my home, it is full of my needs, necessities and luxuries (with more recently added from a stupendous Christmas and birthday), I have my family at the other end of an internet connection and I have my friends that I am lucky enough to boast are within walking distance. I have commitments and goals, I have to write, I have to exercise regularly and I have a home to clean, food to cook and (future) husband to love, enjoy and spend time with. I do not need money to get me to 31 January I need a better outlook on these next few weeks. I have used what I was given and if Abraham Maslow had any say in the matter we would both agree I am quite high up on his Hierarchy of Needs. Well at least I say so.

It always makes me wonder why we hold money on such a pedestal? Why, when we have all we need in our homes, our pantry, our cupboards do we want more. Take time in January, because I am certain I am not the only one who has received that dooming sms, to do things that involve no spending. It has giving me an opportunity to read a book instead of popping down to the pub, yoga at home instead of a movie at the cinema, discovering what interesting meals I can make with only what is in my kitchen and foregoing the urge to go to the shops each day for “something new to try”and end up spending R200 on, honestly, an item, or five I could have done without. With that all being said, I am grateful for the remuneration I do receive on a monthly basis, I am grateful for the debit orders that go off each month because it is my sense of achievement and security, I am living a richly blessed life where my necessities are covered and I can allow myself some of the luxuries I want. I am ever thankful for what opportunities I have experienced in my schooling, my nurturing, from my parents and peers as each encounter and experience shapes who I am and how look at and work through a situation.

Happy New Year, happy new outlook!


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