It’s about the presence not the gifts

Christmas, birthdays and a new year to celebrate is just around the corner for us all. Our time to celebrate the victories of 2014, anticipate and set goals for 2015, family time, togetherness. I absolutely cannot get enough of Christmas and Christmas time, some of the things that have run through my mind in the last few weeks are:

Why did I not celebrate ‘Half Way To Christmas Day’ on 25 June by taking out all the decorations and playing Carols all day?

Why do we not have a real tree this year?

Why I have thought about a Christmas themed wedding more than once?

Why do I love Christmas so much?1503371_10152135750905850_36982060_n

I think the only question that warrants an answer is the last one. You see, my father passed away on 14 December 1997, it’s tough when it is eleven days to Christmas and the person you loved the most in the world can’t be there for you anymore. He had already wrapped our presents and wrote on the cards for my sister and me, cards I have still kept. Even though my sister was only four and I was only eight I see the reason for me loving Christmas was a result of what had happened on the 14th. It sounds like a paradox, loving the time straight after we lost someone but what it is, is that first year where we were all so lost, emotionally destitute that the only people we wanted to be around was each other. Our love grew, my mom, sister, gran and I became closer and didn’t let a loss take away our love, it strengthened it. Each year we shed a tear on the 14th but our home also bursts with love, tinsel, trees and all things sugary! We didn’t go away for Christmas, we always stayed home and brought the party there. We baked, cooked, sang, dressed up, decorated. From 1997 we held onto Christmas time as our emotional refuge. We had all gone through a lot of pain on that day and as a result I am infinitely and unconditionally drawn to these strong women.

Christmas is the ultimate time for giving. Coinciding with school holidays we were given opportunities to build and break sister bonds, which happened daily. This time gave us the moments where we all could stretch our imagination and come up with new and wild ways to have fun and get into trouble. We were given the look when we complained that we were bored or for the umpteenth time asked our granny to take us swimming in the complex pool. We were given the biggest feast of all sorts of savoury, sweet, sour and salty foods for all meals of the day. The official tree and house decorating is still probably my favourite part of this time of year. One year we decorated our three metre tall Conifer in our front garden with tinsel.

December and January is the time where we used to get birthday presents wrapped in Christmas wrapping. We used to have our birthday presents put under the Christmas tree and once we decided TWO Christmas trees are better than one, our lounge was closely resembling a forest! There is nothing more amazing than the warm, full, happy, giggly feelings that this time of year gives me.

Have a Merry Christmas lovelies! xxx


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