The Morning Trade

Sunday morning, a bit of a chill in the air, a little bit of wind too. Durban springtime provides us with such comfortable weather. Not a lot of humidity, no cold, no blistering sun, perfect bright skies from around 4:30 every morning. My love sleeps in every weekend, by sleep in I mean he wakes around noon so to kill time, get a few good hours out the house and come home with delicious treats I decided to venture down to The Morning Trade on my own. Having checked with a few friends what they thought of TMT and having not too many friends actually go down and check it out I was immediately excited to form my own opinions.

Now, Uber and I have a very special friendship. The ultimate designated driver, the company that makes me feel like a celebrity while I am driven around where I choose by the ever-gentlemen in suits, the reason I probably will never drive, yes this is Uber. Cab called, sitting it an Etios with Siyanda from UberX who told me it was his first day. I always chat to the person who safely takes me from A to B, except for that one time, after a Hen’s Night at 4am, I probably spoke a lot but can’t recall for all the tea in China. Oh how I would love all the tea in China!

Arriving at TMT on 8 Morrison Street, Rivertown welcomed by the giant orange, alas not a peach and I wasn’t sure if anyone was named James. I saw a hustle and bustle of breakfast seekers and keen coffee connoisseurs all sitting, mingling as if each person there was a long lost friend and this was where they all happened to meet up! Now, I get lost easily, lost in my thoughts, lost when I go walking, lost when I buy groceries so TMT was the right size spot for me. It’s in a warehouse of sorts, so high ceilings and wide open spaces become the perfect nesting spot for Sunday nibbles. I kept seeing people walking around holding clear cups and an enticing orange liquid inside, of course this had to come from the giant orange at the entrance. Reading the chalkboard menu I decided on some Summer Lovin’ which was orange, carrot, lemon and ginger from Juice Up Durban and I received a R5 off coupon for Grandma’s Eggs which was just inside. I have saved this coupon so I have a reason to go to TMT again soon. I gravitated towards stands that had everything sweet. Cupcakes caught my eye and obviously I left with one for myself and one for Mike, and as I always do, by Sunday night I had eaten both of them! Who could resist a milktart cupcake and a dark chocolate and orange cupcake, heavenly.


TMTcupcakeNext was to find a spot to sit and enjoy the bustling views. Seats were in demand so I do suggest getting there earlier than the 10am breakfast stop I made or be patient as seats become available on the wooden benches quite quickly. I went passed a stand called Black Pig if I recall correctly. Mesmerized by the friendly guy giving the ‘tour’ of his table. Salami, parma ham, chorizo and many other delicious and natural local meats not only amazingly priced but I had about twelve tasters of different deliciousnesses so much so that I was unable to purchase anything else for breakfast other than the local pork chorizo and some Guinea Fowl parma ham that was eaten at home that night. I ventured round once more, like a lap of honour after winning a race and that race was the cuisine kind! Passing some scrumptious looking scotch eggs that pulled at my heart strings as well as enough cheese to make the Dutch look like plebs I decided it was time to Uber back home to have some tea and half a cupcake, okay a whole cupcake. I requested my cab and to my surprise Siyanda fetched me once more. We picked up our conversation straight where we left it and had a good drive home to my man, who was obviously still sleeping.


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