When the silver lining is so faint

As an adult who moved out of home going on five years ago now, on bad terms unfortunately, but quickly remedied I have hastily learnt how to be independent. I have enjoyed the many opportunities that have come across my way. Having said that working a full day in a corporate environment, studying full-time, maintaining and loving my relationship with my other half, running my household in respect of cooking, cleaning, laundry and groceries I quickly learnt how to be an adult as my family live quite far away.

Aspects that have changed for me from teenagehood to adulthood is things like conflict resolution and how to see the positive in a situation. Today is a mega example of that.

Early I awoke, 4:45 to be precise, knowing my kitten Watson had to be taken to the SPCA today to be sterilized. I already woke with a heavy heart because I knew he hadn’t been allowed food from 9:00 the previous night and knowing his first meow of the day is always for some kibble I knew I was letting him down and he would not understand why. By 8:00 I was in an Uber cab on my way to the SPCA, Watson in his cat carrier looking sad and nervous. We encountered traffic which would delay our day overall and end up costing more for the cab but that didn’t bother me. What bothered me was that I had left the house in a big mess in order to get the cat and myself out in time and mid-journey received an sms from the landlords saying that estate agents will be coming to see the house at 10:00. In a panic I had to reorganise my day, where I was going to stay at the SPCA all day and work on my laptop at the cafe there had now changed into a drop him off, go and clean the less than desirable house and later on fetch him after the procedure. Alright, new plan, I can do this.watson

On arrival at the animal hospital I go to the counter to check him in, on inspection of his papers (which I was proud that I remembered) they notice he had not had his July vaccinations. Panic stricken I explain that it was around the same time that his twin brother Holmes had been killed by the landlords dogs and I was in such a state that I completely forgot to take Watson, also, I had no idea how important those vaccines were when having a cat sterilized? Apparently very. The vet herself came out and advised that because of disease and this being an animal hospital he would have to go home. He would have to have his first set of vaccines again then the second set the following month and then come back to be neutered. At that point I cried a little, not intentional but at least they realised this was an innocent mistake and I now had put my precious kitten through scary car rides, no food, many loud dog noises and then we would have to go and do it again in a few months. Feeling down I then called another cab to come fetch me and Watson. On my way home the SPCA called me to say that it is okay actually, he can come and be sterilized now. As I was already on my way home to clean for the estate agents I said to them that I could not make it as this morning I was there and rearranged my day to make the 8:00 appointment, they also phoned us only on Saturday afternoon to tell us to come in on Monday. Arriving home with one very hungry kitten I decided to leave it for a few minutes before I fed him and start cleaning. Not even ten minutes later I receive another phone call from the SPCA to tell me that because he is from that very same SPCA they are not allowed to turn him away even if he is not up to date with his vaccines. Thankfully at this point they told me that they will send a driver right then to come fetch him. I was extremely grateful that I had not fed him as that would have added to all the confusion of the day. A kind gentleman came and fetched Watson and I cleaned the house in time for six inquisitive estate agents to come and look at my cottage. Not for selling purposes, no, just because my landlords are curious of the value of their house after renovations. This is the third time this year they have same day, sprung upon me that I will have strangers in my house for 30 seconds, the cleaning for that short length of time is barely worth it to me, my pride however, is.

In passing after the agents left I said to my landlord how I was not up to date with vaccines and therefore had to bring Watson back home and he’s gone there again and is to be fetched at 3:00 that same afternoon. Upon saying this she said her children are not attending their German lessons that afternoon and would actually like to go to the SPCA to play with all the animals and all of us can go fetch Watson together. Relief finally settled in. It took me at least an hour of calming myself down and apparently stress eating to realise that today had actually turned out better than it ever would have. I was going to Uber to the SPCA and Uber back either way even if I did not have to come home to tidy up. I would have initially spent the entire day there, buying coffee and snacks from the cafe and working on my laptop, I had no idea if they had wifi or not and that does make a drastic difference to my day. I came back home, cleaned up, which is great because now tonight I can look after Watson more closely and not have to spend time sweeping and the like. Then later on I get to go in the car with the landlords, not pay a cab and get my baby cat. A catastrophe all corrected by the good heart of my landlord. I am grateful and in future will remember all vaccines, on time!


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