August Love

10483079_10154448138340537_5194768432931161428_oAugust is always  a busy month. It includes some of my closest friends and families birthdays, my other half and myself celebrate our annual anniversary and this year to make it more exciting we were attending a friend’s wedding, a friend visiting from Dubai, a holiday to Nottingham Road and my sister visiting.

So jam-packed with fun-filled, food filled events that I knew August meant I would put on at least five kilograms willingly. August ended up being even more special. He proposed.

Thursday 7 August I received a link to site that I had to decode in order to see what he was telling me, this was the link: and I had to change the URL  in order to see this, After a few minutes I felt very smart as I figured out that he had taken the following day, our five years, off work. That night after coming home from gym I walk through the door to see a childlike grin on his face, he’s holding back giggles and a big smile. I pestered him for a little, I kept asking if something in our house had changed and as I am often unobservant when I am tired, but there was nothing not to notice. Eventually I get the response I am looking for, he has planned a weekend away for us. Naturally my first instinct is to ask if we can bring our kitten with and he chuckles to himself and hands me two plane tickets, we were leaving for Cape Town the following morning!

By the time I registered that we were going on a holiday the next morning it was after 8pm. He had organised for his sister to feed  Watson our kitten while we were away for three days and now we had to tidy up the house so it was presentable for when she visits Watson. All of a sudden it was 11:30, we had ordered take out for dinner as sheer excitement prevented me from peeling the potatoes that were intended for that night’s cottage pie. I had also decided to celebrate on my own and three glasses of wine later, a spotless floor and bags half packed I was ready to sit down and relax. Sleep did not come easily. I had slept for three hours before I awoke in anticipation. 02:30 on the dot. I was meant to only wake by 04:30 so I had enough time to wash my hair before we left the house at 05:15 to get to the airport. I did wake up slightly hung over and zombie-like due to my severe lack of sleep and gigantic excitement.

We arrive at the airport, it’s still dark and I wonder if in three day’s time we will be able to find our car again. My tech savvy love had downloaded the app for the airline we were flying and checked in online and didn’t require any boarding pass when we were getting on the plane because the app had QR codes instead. Fancy. We had a very comfortable two hour flight from 06:45 to just before 9am and arrived in the wind wrapped city of Cape Town. From visiting my family in Cape Town at least three times a year I knew the drill was, as soon as I walk out of domestic arrivals to stand strong so my sister does not bowl both myself and my luggage over with exuberant hugs and kisses. Standing at the ready she was nowhere in sight. Feeling slightly upset that I was not bowled over he told me we would be hiring a car instead!

My sister and mom knew we were coming to Cape Town that weekend. No one knew he was going to propose though. We arrived around 10am to where my sister waitresses to have the hugs and kisses catch up that we missed at the airport. My mom joined us shortly after 12 and mom, him and I had a delicious burger, chips and milkshake lunch at Hudson’s. During our lunch, served to us by my sister of course he was being quiet and sneaky once more. He kept showing pictures to my family on his phone, but not to me. After our lunch and a glass of wine he says we are going now to where we are staying that weekend, again, another surprise, I thought we would stay by family. The GPS lady can drive one crazy on a regular basis but if you don’t know your anniversary/holiday destination and the driver keeps smiling because he has planned this so secretively and so well, she can get rather annoying. I hear, “in 200m you will have arrived at your destination”, and my heart flutters. Firstly we were in Camps Bay, a breathtakingly gorgeous part of Cape Town, and secondly we had driven to the highest road there so the sparkling ocean views were absolutely picturesque.

We pulled up outside of a guest house called Atlantic Gold, a warm welcoming reception area and Nespresso coffee on hand was the perfect atmosphere. We were staying in the Sapphire Room, one of six at the guest house. We were on the top floor. Walking up the stairs I walked into our room first and literally gasped at the gorgeous view we had, just for us. Our large room had a beautiful bed, small dining area, kitchenette and tv. To our right, in the bedroom still, was a round hot tub, it was majestic. We had an en-suite bathroom with views of The Twelve Apostle mountains and bathrobes, of course. From our bed we had a gigantic balcony, with AstroTurf flooring and a massive round lounging chair and table and chairs to sit on too. This balcony with ocean views was completely in view when you laid on the bed because of the wall to wall glass doors. Spectacular.10582901_10154448149955537_5656941628214970413_o

We made ourselves comfortable, changed into more summery clothing and took in the view from the balcony, that afternoon we decided to get a few things for breakfast the next day and drove around Camps Bay for a while. What a beautiful area, if only we had champagne to complete the scene.

He had made early dinner reservations due to our ridiculously early start to the day. 6pm we arrived at our dinner location, The Round House. Welcomed by the staff we were taken into the building with outstanding views. We received a personalised menu with our names at the top, congratulating us on our anniversary. We were the first to arrive and I preferred that as it gave the waiters, maitre d’ and sommelier a lot of time to talk to us. We opted for the four course dinner with wine pairing. This was fine dining at its best and I was dressed like I was going to a steakhouse. On top of and in between the four courses we received appetizers, artisan breads with fragranced butters and a pre-dessert and post-dessert. We also had a drink beforehand when choosing which menu we were going to eat from. So very full from the biggest and most delicious variety of food I have ever experienced, we floated out of there in a cosy, boozy bubble of happiness. Arriving back at our guesthouse I was still so engulfed with endorphins and happy thoughts that all we could manage to do was cuddle on our balcony lounger, myself in a bathrobe of course, and watch the ocean. It was getting a bit cold, so we decided to go inside, I was following him inside when while still on the balcony he turned around, he held me and hugged me tightly, holding my hands and looking me in the eyes he said, “Nicole you are the love of my life, I just have one more thing to ask you”, he then got down on one knee, held out a small black box, opened it, and asked, “will you marry me?” Elation! Yes was my answer, he placed the ring on my left finger, a perfect fit, he got up and hugged me, we were both shaking with excitement! At that point he magically pulled a bottle of champagne out the fridge and had to explain how hard it was to not mention he had brought it all the way from Durban when I was so insistent on having a glass and said at least fifty times that that’s what would have completed our view that afternoon when we arrived at Atlantic Gold. Champagne, bathrobe, tears streaming down my face, the widest smile I have ever had, a diamond and white gold engagement ring and now my very own fiancé!

Saturday we decided to invite my sister and her boyfriend over to our guest house and surprise them with our good news, then, I received the bowl me over hugs and kisses from her! We went to have brunch at Caprice in Camps Bay and to celebrate we may have had a tequila or two. We went straight from Caprice to Kalk Bay to meet my mom, my aunt, three cousins and my cousin’s girlfriend and again we were able to tell our loved ones in person that we were engaged. As soon as my mom knew, it was time to go FBO (Facebook Official) and by the time we had finished celebratory drinks with the family at The Brass Bell my phone battery had died due to comments, likes and well wishes from all our friends and family back in Durban. Rushing back to the other side of Cape Town we were going to Rick’s Cafe for delicious tapas for dinner with my fiancé’s best friend from Cape Town and his other half who became his fiancée earlier this year. My mom joined us for dinner as this is one of our favourite spots in Cape Town, it did not disappoint! We drove back to Atlantic Gold which was thankfully close to Rick’s Cafe and only then did I check my laptop for all the wishes and love on Facebook. Sunday morning we awoke quite early, packed up and checked out. We went passed Hudson’s again to say one more goodbye to my sister, we had a bit of time before we had to make our way to the airport so of course we decided on a quick trip to Newlands Forest, absolutely gorgeous, if we could have gotten married right then right there in the beautiful surroundings we definitely would have! Mom wanted one last goodbye too and we went to Barrister’s in Newlands for lunch, a winner of R45 lunch specials every day was certainly the way to go and we left with full tummies and warm hugs. We flew back to Durban Sunday evening with the supermoon riding alongside us and arrived home to a bouquet of flowers, chocolate, champagne, strawberries and a beautiful card from my love’s sister.



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