You’ll always be important

I have just read a beautiful post on Facebook about Dads and Daughters ( and I am crying uncontrollably. For a few reasons. For the beautiful gestures that the list includes. For how I did not get to do a lot of them with my dad. For the fact that my younger sister did even less of them with our dad. For the fact that my mom took charge and made sure we still got to experience a lot of these special moments and milestones with her! 

Our father passed away December 1997. Days before Christmas, my sister’s fifth birthday and my ninth birthday. That was an extremely tough time for our mom but she still brought us up, with the help of her mom, who became our second mom and we loved her so. Still sent us to great schools and encouraged us both to go to university, we were always dressed immaculately, they made sure we always had food, food to share and sharing was the Number One rule in our house. Share with your friends, peers, neighbours and everyone you meet actually. We learnt a lot from our women-strong household. Father’s Day was renamed Second Mother’s Day in our home and if one could see love as a colour our house would be a rainbow! I missed out on time with my dad, a father figure in general and actually males all round due to our convent school upbringing but we had it better. We had those milestones and so much more. We would rough it out in mud and sand and come home as dirty as the naughtiest boy in the neighbourhood. We were the loudest household and had the most sweets so evidently the most popular household too. Pasta for breakfast on the weekend was the normal standard and if you wanted a second bowl of ice-cream after dinner, live a little, have that second bowl. Yes, I was quite a chubby child but I think back and reminisce of Disney movies we would watch, in my mom’s king size bed with six friends, all eating ice-cream or cake that mom had just baked for us. Falling asleep on our trampoline counting stars and attempting to jump off the roof to the trampoline to see who could bounce highest. We were boisterous and it was great. I do not always call myself a lady and I am totally fine with that. I am not even sure what my household would have ended up like if we had our dad there but I know I am eternally grateful for what we did have. Would we have been allowed pasta for breakfast?


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