La Maison

la maisonSaturday, the day of rest for a lot of us, the day to sleep in. After a bit of confusion, waking up and getting ready for the day at 06:15 then later being told I was going for coffee at 10:30 and not 07:00 I thankfully managed to fall back asleep. Hogwarts-styled dreams filled my subconscious all the way to exactly 10:15. I woke up and literally had to put shoes on and meet my best friend outside. I love my internal alarm clock, it’s one up from a body clock. I wake up on time, all the time. I haven’t quite figured out how this works though.

Seeing my best friend only fifteen minutes after I have woken up, also the morning after quite a bit of wine and tequila, sometimes pulls through my dream like state to the real world. We parked on the roof top parking of Kensington Square shopping centre and walked away from the shops, along Ennisdale Drive to the secret coffee shop I keep hearing about from my friend. Crossing the road we came to a lovely house with a beautiful green garden with welcoming wooden benches on each side. Walking up the stone steps I saw tables and chairs on the front patio and inside three separate areas. To my left there were women deep in creative discussion. Paper, big tables and decorations everywhere. It was a paper flower making workshop! In front of me a pampering section with Dermalogica written in bold text and to my right a gorgeous little coffee shop. The main hall also had Lou Harvey stationery and other cutesy trinkets for sale that I could have gone mad for! We sat on the patio to the right, by a couch with a long cushion with sewn on letters saying, “LOVE”. Ordering a coffee and poached eggs for breakfast definitely brought me out of my sleepy state and back to the reason I was there with my best friend. Two weeks had past since I last saw her because my best friend who had recently gained the title of ‘newlywed’ had come back from her surprise honeymoon to Zanzibar that week. Even though she didn’t show me photos her descriptions painted beautiful pictures in my mind and her smile alone made me giddy with happiness and love that sometimes words can’t describe. My best friend had a surprise overseas holiday, on the beach, with a spa and new husband. I am so happy for her.

La Maison in Durban North is my new little cuddly coffee spot. With a single page menu I can choose food and coffee without having too much to debate, especially if said caffeine it what I need to wake up. When I left I felt that I had been covered in glitter or sugar coated, it was lovely. A happy heart and a full tummy went hand in hand with a well deserved catch up with an amazing soul.



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